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Professional Advice from Bridal Shops Los Angeles, CA That is Best for Your Hair

Hair Care and Styling Advice from the Pros

137You will seldom hear brides talk about their hair care activities right after their salon treatment. That is because most of them are not even bothering to do hair care efforts for their hair. As a bride, wedding dress and hair styling should always get a hair care follow up in order to maintain the right color, texture and style that you have tested with your stylist.

Here are some of the top secret hair cares from Bridal Shops Los Angeles, CA tips that you can do to your hair as per advised by professional and seasoned stylists in the industry:

Avoiding moisture overload with your shampoo

Some brides think that the more sudsy and soapy their shampoo is the better. However, according to most hair experts, that is a bad sign. The analogy here is simple: if your hair gets a lot of moisture, it means that it can get dirty quicker. In short, you should stop throwing in too much moisturizer in your hair if you want to maintain an excellent hair quality right after the hair trial. The most advanced recommended shampoo is the one that is free from sulfate formula.

Do magic with your hair using cold water

Some brides think that taking a shower is enough to protect their newly treated hair. According to experts, it is highly advisable that brides should rinse their hair with cold water. This type of hair care method will give extra protection to your hair cuticle. Surprised? All you need to do is try it.  

Glaze treatment after getting hair color

According to Bridal Shops Los Angeles, CA, most brides are using strong chemicals during the coloring treatment of their hair. However, they don’t know that the more they use hair coloring the more the hair gets damaged. As a bride, you should know that this is the condition of your hair. Right after the coloring, it is natural for your hair to have rough spots and maybe holes. However, these issues can be treated by simply glazing. Glazes will keep your hair really smooth and shiny. You can do glazing at home during weekends or your free time. This will make your hair color last longer at the same time keep your hair extra healthy.

If you want a hair that is frizz free, then you should make sure that you drop the habit of wrapping your hair in a towel. Doing this, according to hair dressers, will make your hair really rough. Wrapping your hair with a towel will also make hair cuticles more open thus prone to damage.

Your hair should be treated with utmost care because it will reflect on your wedding photos. Once you break or shortened the process, everything else that follows will be useless. If you get a free hair trial, make sure that you take care of it by following some of the tips above.